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Guilin Tourist Attractions

Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in the "corridor of Western Hunan" South end, since ancient times, "landscape under heaven" reputation. Often hasn't arrived in Guilin, was attracted by the fame of her, trying to prepare a holiday here, a mood to carefully appreciate the landscapes, people, customs and the laid-back comfort of life.

Guilin beautiful scenery, as represented by the Li River scenery and karst landscapes, the mountains here, go up, mix; water of the Lijiang River, meandering, bright as a mirror; hilly holes, caves Jing Qi, magnificent and spectacular; the hole in the rock formations, craftsmanship, dazzling ... ... No is not a typical representative of China's natural beauty and classic brand. "Qian Feng Wan ye Li, a water flows around the city", King in the city where, in King City, Guilin's unique charm. In addition, Guilin, there are also Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, more than more than 10 unique folk customs of ethnic minorities.

Guilin is an important tourist city of China and even the world, is a famous Chinese scenic city and the historical and cultural city, is one of the best tours of the city.

Cross Street: Guilin smile Hall to the door known as crossroads. Old Cross Street, located in the center of Jiefang road and Zhongshan Road, Jiefang West Road at the intersection of the cross. Guilin's central square, is the city's most bustling neighborhoods.

CPS: is the famous landmarks of Guilin, the mountain resembles a stop named after the Li River flow water for elephants.

River: from Guilin to Yang Shuoyue 83km spots. Best way is to take a bamboo raft tour Lijiang River to experience "a person in the picture" River varies according to time and place, and the climate is different, and colorful mood. Is the so-called "Guilin has conquered the world, fabulous pan of Lijiang River autumn."
Yangshuo: "Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin" Barry mountain, KY show water everywhere, amorous, known as the "infinite tourist town." West Street, the most famous landscapes such as Long He, XING Ping Village.

Longji rice terraces: located in the southeastern territory of the Heping Township in Longsheng County, is a group of Grand terrace. Longji terraced fields such as chain belt, coil from the foot to the top, the line flowing, majestic, there are "terraced Crown of the world" in the world.

Guilin Hole Cave, (tours-2) 2014-1-3
Haiyang Ginkgo Forest , Gudong Waterfall, Gudong Waterfall2, Green Lotus Peak, Guilin, Guihai Forest of Stone Tablets Museum, Qianjiadong (tours-2) 2013-12-26
Fuli Ancient Town, Fubo Hill, Fubo Hill, Longsheng Spa National Forest Park (tours-2) 2013-12-24
Guilin food, Guilin food, Folk Customs Garden, Flour Yaozhai (tours-2) 2013-12-18
God Ridge Falls, Lingchuan East River Rafting, Let Rural Island, (tour-2) 2013-12-12
Green Lotus Peak, Lotus Rock, Mao er Mountain, (tour-2) 2013-12-5
Liusanjie Water Park, Longhuai Cultural Scenic Area, Longji Terrace, Longmen Waterfall Scenic Spot 2013-11-27 (tour-2)
Guilin Liberation Bridge, Lijiang Bay, LiPu 2013-11-15 (tour-2)
Julongtan Scenic Area, Lan Iwamura, Langtian Yao Walled Village 2013-11-7 (tour-2)
Guiren Hole, Huangsha Yao Ethnic, Fengyu Rock Idyllic Tourist Resort Area, Jiangtou Ancient Village, Jinshan Temple, Jiumahuashan Canyon Rafting Scenic Area 2013-10-27 (tour-2)
Longji Terrace, Lijiang Ethnic Customs Park 2013-10-22 (sight2)
Goldwater Rock, Grape Hill, Green Lotus Peak, Guilin Guanyin Cave, Guihu Lake, Guilin Museum 2013-10-10 (tour-2)
Eastern Langshan Mountain, Eling Temple, Flower Bridge, Folded Brocade Hill, Gaotian Scenic Area, Haiyang Ginkgo Forest 2013-10-5 (tour-2)
Guilin Botanical Garden, Gongcheng Dalingshan Taoyuan, Daxu Ancient Town, Earth Spirit Dongzhai, Dragon Caves, Dragon Valley 2013-9-26 (tour-2)
Elephant Trunk, Embroidery Of Yao People, Feng Yu Rock Scenic, Guilin fishing 2013-9-17 (tours-2)
Longsheng Datang Bay, Daxu Ancient Town, Guilin Days Lake, Diecai Mountain, Donglang Mountain, Dream Lijiang River 2013-9-9 (tours-2)
Guilin Cave, Clothes Of Zhuang People, Dajiang Lake, 2013-8-23 (tours-2)
Yulong River (sight2) 2013-8-21
Bilian Peak, Book Bare Hill, Butterfly Spring 2013-8-12 (tours-2)
Baichongxi Old Home, Baoding Waterfall, Bear Tiger Village 2013-8-7 (tours-2)
Silver Cave, Xingping Town, Yaoshan Mountain, Yulong River, 2013-7-27 (tours2)
Fubo Hill, Lingqu Canal, Longji Rice Terraces, Merryland Golf, Qianjiadong Trekking Tour, Reed Flute Cave, 7-19
Bajiaozhai, Cat Mountain, Elephant Trunk Hill , 2013-7-13
Crescent Hill, Cuiping Pastoral Scenery, Danxia Spa Resort Area
Dalingshan Peach Orchard, Xingping Fishing Village, Pocket country park
Century Glacier Caverns, Chengren Monument, Chuanshan Park 2013-6-11
Xingping Town, Yaoshan Mountain, Yulong River, Aimen Boundary, Ancient Guiliu Canal, Ancient Stone City, Bai Hui Valley, Bajiaozhai, Banyan Cedar Lakes,
Butterfly Spring, Camel Hill 2013-5-14


Yunnan is a perfect showpiece of China's many natural wonders, rugged, wild, and unspoiled. The province is famed for its multitude of ethnic groups, of China's fifty-five officially recognized ethnic minorities, twenty-five can be found in Yunnan. Here visitors could find snow-capped mountains, mysterious deep valleys, peaceful highland lakes, magnificent Karst hills, tropical rainforests, and torrential rivers.

As the capital of China, Beijing is the political, cultural, and intellectual center of the country. Beijing has so much to offer travelers. The celebrated tourist center is filled with historical highlights, the most well known ones are: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs...

Tibet Autonomous Region, a mystical land called "the Roof of the World", more than 50 peaks in this area are higher than 7,000 meters, and 11 peaks exceed 8,000 meters. Mt. Everest - the world's highest peak is located in Tibet. Tibet offers fabulous things to see, including unique Buddhist monastery, breathtaking high-altitude lakes, stunning views of the snow mountains and brilliant Tibetan culture.
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